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Larry G. McMillan

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Poems That Have Won Recognition And Have Been Published in 2003-2004
Taken From My Ramblings: An Adventure In Poetry
Currently Being Revised

My Darling, My Love, My Wife


I Dreamed a Dream
Published in
"Theatre of the Mind"

FOLIO No. 00127978
  Wedding Nightmare
Published in
"A Celebration of Poetry"
ISBN: 0-9743429-5-5
  To My Agent
Published in
"Eternal Portraits"

ISBN: 0-7951-5227-2
  My Day of Planning
Published in
"A Celebration of Poetry"

Beauty and Rest
Published in
"On the Wings of Poetry"

VIP #621261
  The Sin Within
Published in
"Letters From the Soul"

ISBN: 0-9951-5160-8
  Grace It Has To Be
Published in
"Great Poems of the Western World"

VIP: 721639
  Summer Winds
Published in
"The Best Poems and Poets of 2003"
ISBN: 0-7951-5245-0
Sea I BE   Precious Love of Mine   Wanting To Know   As lovely As the Sea
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